Trophic Interactions, Physiology, and Energy Flow:

​from Molecules to Ecosystems

Ecological physiologist, Biologist, Researcher, Scientist, Stable isotope ecologist


As an animal physiologist with a specialization in stable isotopes, my research combines intrinsic biochemical tracers in diverse ecological contexts to study various aspects of organismal ecophysiology. My research ethos is to be integrative and collaborative, eroding traditional boundaries between disciplines.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for Isotopes, University of New Mexico, in the Newsome Lab. Please see the links above for details on past research, and stay tuned for future projects.

My research addresses both basic and applied questions on three broad, interconnected themes that complement existing research in your department: 1) tracing energy flow at various levels of biological organization and among a diverse array of taxa; 2) quantifying pollutant loads relative to the physiology and trophic ecology of consumers; and 3) use of endocrinology and isotopes to study reproduction, stress, metabolism, and water balance at the individual level.

“All that we do is touched with ocean, and yet we remain on the shore of what we know”

Richard Wilbur

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My research combines intrinsic biochemical tracers and ecological approaches to study various aspects of organismal ecophysiology

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